why is ron paul so amazing

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Re: why is ron paul so amazing

Postby Ron » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:18 am

Of course holding office for the masses has a mitigating affect. Being the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America, however, does seem to carry some weight. Power emminates from various sources- title, legitimate, charismatic, celebrity, situational, office, perceived mandate, etc. The degree to which an individual exemplifies the various powers determines their overall ability to control events. The Presidency, especially in recent years, carries increasingly inherent magnitudes of some types of power. The real wild cards are charismatic and celebrity power. Big doses of those get you Lenins, Hitlers and Obamas, FDRs and Reagans. Ron Paul is certainly not in that league- which hurts him during our beauty contest elections.

The innate powers that accompany POTUS enable actions that, as we are presently experiencing, influence way beyond their ascribed powers. How agendas are (or are not) executed has proved to be way more distorted and powerful than the willingness of "progressive" politicians and judges to restrain.

Imagine then, a minimalist President that is motivated by Constitutional agenda and not re-election. One who assembles the cabinet and demands a 6 month plan for several Cabinet level departments to orchestrate their own demise or reduction. Imagine the reverberation down the food chain of all the beneficiaries of deficit largess- whether that actual event came to pass or not. Now imagine that President requiring members of Congress to stake their personal reputations on items included in the budget. When the default position on deficit spending is "veto" what makes it into the next year's budget? Let's identify our priorities.

It isn't hard to disbelieve, in fact it is healthy not to trust any individual with so much power- so who shall we trust? Main line Republicans and Democrats? We are choking on the fruit of that monolithic tree. Let's try erroring on the side of Constituional conservatism- we can always finish going broke and pissing away our freedoms later.
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