Get your geek on. Star Wars Uncut! Watch It HERE...

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Get your geek on. Star Wars Uncut! Watch It HERE...

Postby cblack.tx » Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:31 pm

If you haven't heard, these folks were working on a crowdsourced remake of Star Wars. It's done and it's here on the DCF.

Anonymous Reader wrote:"In 2009 we discussed the Star Wars Uncut Project, a crowd-sourced effort to re-create the entirety of Episode IV as series of 15-second clips filmed and submitted by fans. Well, it's done at last, and CmdrTaco has written his review of the two-hour film. He says, 'A great number of shots demonstrate technology well beyond what was available when the original Star Wars was made. Other shots are stylishly animated in CG. Others are rotoscoped in mediums from chalk to pencil to marker. There’s also a plethora of stop motion, claymation, and even some puppetry to go around. [A] few shots are only slightly modified from the originals, but those are the rarity, and generally done to pull off a specific joke. ... It's a glorious achievement.'"

Just watch the opening minute to get a taste. :lol:
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