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Postby angrymoderate » Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:51 am ... _terrorism

This link leads to an interesting article about the DoD training military members to deal with protesters as "low-level terrorists." I'm not sure what this means, and this is apparently fairly new because they did not do this when I got out 2 years ago. I find this very disturbing, especially when combined with the recent extension of the Patriot Acts and the legalization of all of the BS that goes along with terrorists suspects. This falls right in line with the last show and the point Dan made about the Constitutionality of such things being the only argument against and one to which there is no counter argument, but no one is bringing it up. It's as if people simply don't care. It's not like a lot of this shit is a big secret or anything, but no one is saying anything. WTF is wrong with our country that we allow the supreme law of the land to stomped on, violated and other-wise used as toilet paper and no one is thinking twice about it. Where is the outrage, people?!
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