US/Roman similarities... the Slavery aspect

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US/Roman similarities... the Slavery aspect

Postby BW117 » Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:26 am ... ?tag=china

While the US may openly oppose slavery (assuming we still follow the constitution, which is questionable sometimes), we very openly practice slave-like practices, in a capitalistic way, and market separation is key. Read that article, if need be, but market capitalism is pushing jobs overseas to "minimize costs," and by and large, what it the point of the US standards that were set when we cared? If we are so willing to settle for shiny new toys that are made by slave labor, well... :wtfsign:

Obviously there is a nationality issue here, so this is very similar to say the US-England cotton trade during colonial times, so is there really any way this practice can realistically end?

I don't plan on following this post, so any feedback won't be read, but just an idea for you show.

Thanks Dan!
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