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Postby jmadsen » Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:12 pm


Sorry - I listen to the show all the time, but don't really frequent these forums. If this is one that comes up all the time, please fell free to close it.

I am on the mailing list, and frequently sign petitions. However, I read through and do this selectively, staying as grassroots/single issue as I can.

This site has been in the spotlight for a while now - here's a most recent article in NYT: ... .html?_r=1

I always like to hear Dan's "here's what's really going on" comments, and would love to hear his take on this site.

I'm also concerned that these petitions are being coerced by the same groups we are often against - there are plenty of "petitions" that are clearly:

"Save the Trees! - brought to you by People who aren't Really Democrats but want to Give the GOP the Shaft"

Thoughts, Dan?
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