How to expose them?

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How to expose them?

Postby higuys » Sun May 13, 2012 1:59 am

This is something that I have been asking myself on and off. If there is any corruption in local or state gov't or somebody or business conducting malicious activities, how could someone get the word out to get the people talking about it? Despite of party lines or ideological stance.

It is easy to say something like the post that I just made, people read it and form an opinion of the post. I might be optimistic to some of the pessimistic's out there.

Maybe just having the right people present? Someone who can talk to both the tea party and the ows with mutual agreement with each other?

Maybe my question is how to communicate to people. I could talk to both the local Occupy and the Tea party in my area. Even though both seem to be different from each other (thanks MSM a**holes!) they both point out the same problem, but have different approaches to the problem. When I talked to one of the Occupy people, they all seem to talk about taking it out to the streets to correct the system, the Tea party guy talked about (from my point of view) using the system to correct the system like getting people elected to represent the people. I and maybe all of you see this so you may call me capt. obvious here, but there are problems to both approaches. Taking it out to the streets holding signs gets attention, but when some jerk interferes either from within or outside, tends to get the cameraman's attention and makes a bad impression. Whereas the Tea parties approach getting someone elected into office and giving in/selling out to the pressure/lobbyist groups.

Sorry that I might of gone everywhere with this. I want to ask how would you get the people talking to each other despite of their opinions and stances on certain issues, corruption and crime is a bad thing. We sometimes give someone a pass to commit something malicious because of some dumb-founded belief that "aw man, the libs/neo-cons are just trying to stir up trouble and (something to do with a political myth that violates you name it).
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Re: How to expose them?

Postby dnick » Wed May 23, 2012 2:48 pm

This isn't exactly what you're talking about, but it is a place that would keep track of the results...that is, how they vote on the issues.

is a site I'm building out to keep track of how politicians at various levels of government (national, to start with) vote on specific issues of interest to both sides of the debate (tea party and occupy crowd). It's kind of a blend of the 'use the system to fix the system' philosophy and the 'get the information out there' plan. It will track politicians actual voting records on issues identified by the group as 'corruption' or 'keeping the system broken so only those within the system benefit' type issues. It will then publicly list who the group favors for each individual election, as well as privately emailing each member with a preferred candidate. (As an additional benefit, the private email will also include tracking of other issues the member feels strongly about and will let them know if they may want to modify their vote accordingly).

Any donations would go toward keeping the group operational and funding unbiased informational campaigns on candidates voting records (voting records only, no editorializing or smearing, absolutely no partisan issues).

Hoping to get this into the public eye, and looking for volunteers to build some momentum, so if you know of anyone, please let me know.
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