Perhaps a history of the federal reserve

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Perhaps a history of the federal reserve

Postby dicky springfield » Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:25 am

I'd love to hear (the way you tell it) a history of the federal reserve, comparable to "The creature from jeckyl island" :hitler:

If nations where members of a family, America would be the alcoholic uncle who lacks a sense of shame. America would show up at Christmas married to a different woman than was his wife at Thanksgiving and be mad at you for not sending a carton of cigarettes as a gift for a wedding that you knew nothing of. America would bring presents wrapped in Crown Royal bags that turn out to be crumpled up, alcohol soaked one dollar bills that you are expected to be eternally grateful for. From the moment he got there, America would constantly be hitting on your 14 year old, blossoming cousin, by saying "sit on old uncle America's lap and tell me what you got for christmas while I smell your hair".

That's my America. And you better thank god for it. Because if you don't America will run you over with its El Camino (once we get the transmission to stop slipping), you motherless, Allah-loving, commie, athiest bastards.
dicky springfield
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