Norway 'seizing children to fight inbreeding'

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Norway 'seizing children to fight inbreeding'

Postby Hastur » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:59 am

Time for some international news. As a Swede it's fun to see our neighbors get in a fight. (As long as one of them isn't Russia).

The Lithuanian talk show ‘An Hour with Ruta’, on the independent LNK channel, last week ran a slot on Norway’s controversial Child Protection Service (Barnevernet), arguing that it was deliberately targeting Lithuanian children.

“In Norway, Lithuanian children are taken away from their parents. Lithuanian children in Norway are a sought-after commodity,” the programme began, before interviewing Neringa Ozolina, a Lithuanian based in Ålesund, who has become an authority in the Baltic state on Norway's child protection regime.

“The birth rate is the lowest in Norway,” Ozolina told the show's host Rūta Mikelkevičiūte. “Inbreeding in Norway is the greatest in the world, and the same is true of the percentage of children born with Down syndrome and other birth defects.”

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Re: Norway 'seizing children to fight inbreeding'

Postby Archilocus » Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:38 am

What!?!? A nation composed almost entirely of blonde haired, blue eyed, pale white people is very inbred?

That's unpossible! :snicker:

But seriously, let's be thankful they don't try to spice up the gene pool by hitting the longboats like their ancestors did.
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Re: Norway 'seizing children to fight inbreeding'

Postby Otern » Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:31 am

So, i looked up fertility rate Norway and Lithuania;
Norway: 1,85 births per woman
Lithuania: 1,29 births per woman

I wouldn't really think inbreeding is that common. Sure, there are people who are together with their third cousin. Social stigma begins at second cousin. To be with a first cousin, you need a letter of consent from the king(or it used to be this way at least). Pretty much like the rest of the world.

This has more likely something to do with how the parents treat their children, and how it's unacceptable in the eyes of Norway, for example beating children, alcoholism or drug abuse.

Of course the child protective service may have done some mistakes, but I really doubt that's the majority of cases. Hopefully, Lithuanians have better judgement than Neringa Ozolina.
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